iDHM @BPM 2017 and Hospital Billing Log

Our demo paper Heuristic Mining Revamped: An Interactive, Data-aware, and Conformance-aware Miner was accepted for presentation at the BPM 2017 conference. A pre-print, screencast, and manual of the tool are available:

Overview of the Interactive Data-aware Heuristic Miner

Also, I could make the hospital billing event log that we used to evaluate the Data-aware Heuristic Miner (CAiSE 2017 paper) available in the 4TU.Centre for Research Data. Making data available is not straightforward, so I would appreciate a proper attribution of the dataset of the papers in the sense of DataCite as:

Mannhardt, F. (Felix) (2017) 
Hospital Billing - Event Log.  
Eindhoven  University of Technology. Dataset.

Please feel free to use the log and ask me if you need further information.

Published 2 Aug 2017