My Process Mining Research

I received my MSc in Computer Science in 2013 and a BSc in Business Information Systems in 2010, both from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

Currently, I’m a PhD candidate in the Architecture of Information Systems (AIS) group at the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e). My PhD project is titled Multi-perspective Process Mining and my academic advisors are Hajo A. Reijers, Wil M.P. van der Aalst, and Massimiliano de Leoni.

I’m researching new process mining methods that take a multi-perspective view on processes. Besides looking at the control-flow of a process (i.e., sequences of activities), multi-perspective methods also consider contextual factors such as:

  • deadlines and delays (time perspective),
  • organizational structure (resource perspective),
  • data attributes (data perspective), and
  • hierarchy between activities (functional perspective).

My research lead to the development of several process mining tools, which are available as open-source software. Most of the tools are integrated with the process mining framework ProM:

Since August 2017 I work as researcher (forsker) at the Teknology og Samfunn (Technology and Society) division of the research institute SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway.

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