Website update & XESLite report

Being busy writing on a PhD thesis includes reflecting on the work that I have accomplished in the last 3 1/2 years. What else would be more appropriate to update my website to reflect this. So, I added some more words on my research, a fancy list of all publications, an overview on tools that I have developed during my PhD, and presentations on conferences. I hope that the overview of tools is helpful to someone, since it collects all the scattered information on some of my ProM plug-ins: Multi-perspective Process Explorer, Data-aware Heuristic Miner, Event Log Explorer, and XESLite. In the future, I plan to migrate some of the work to Github to make it also available outside of the ProM framework. For example, there is already a Github project for XESLite such that it could be used in other tools that process event logs. Please contact me if you are interested in a stand-alone package.

Regarding XESLite, the tool that started this blog two years ago, I finally managed to write down a technical report with details on the concepts behind XESLite and some more recent ideas on efficiently storing large event logs in ProM. I hope it is useful and, as some people asked for this, please use this report in case you want to cite XESLite in your paper:

F Mannhardt (2016). 
XESLite - Managing Large XES Event Logs in ProM. 
BPM-16-04. BPM Center Report. (bib)

Now back to thesis writing …

Published 10 Jan 2017